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減肥食譜, 簡單食譜- 低卡韓式蒟蒻麵

減肥食譜, 簡單食譜- 低卡韓式蒟蒻麵
這一次我要使用在減肥時常常會使用的基本款食材ㄛ! <基本款1> 豆腐 它是低卡, 豐富的蛋白質. <基本款2> 蒟蒻 也是(almost)零卡, 它會打掃你的腸內 <基本款3> 韓式泡菜 用很多辣椒做的, 辣椒會促進新陳代謝.*材料分類 飯&麺類



(1)煮沸的水,加入蒟蒻絲, 讓水再煮沸後,馬上倒水. 把蒟蒻絲放在流水裡後,放在冰箱裡或加一點冰塊
*煮一下蒟蒻,會去掉它特別的土腥味. 但,煮太久鈣也會被去掉. 小心!!


(2)日式醬油露, 醋, 豆辦醬 在碗裡混合
*記得,等一下要放泡菜, 它很辣,很鹹!!

(3)開始裝盤. 用湯匙挖豆腐. 用削皮器切小黃瓜薄片. 跟泡菜一起放在蒟蒻上面, 淋(2)後撒一點油蔥
*有的話,可以放一點海苔絲, 芝麻.

*我還在學習中國語, 我寫的文章可能不太清楚, 大家請忍耐一下, f(^_^;) 我希望寫部落格能讓我的國語進步. 謝謝!!
*我寫的資料是以我自己的經驗. 知識為依據,僅供大家作為參考, 不負任何失敗的責任,請大家注意ㄛ!

在沒有經 過作者同意之下,在這網頁上的照片.文章,任意複製或轉載在法律上是禁止的

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Penny 08-09-19 (Fri) 10:24

Hi Masa, It’s me again. Just to let you know I made this dish too because it’s healthy and easy! (I guess this is what you are aiming for… ^_^) I feel this dish is just right for summer! ^_* At first, I didn’t know what is 日本醬油露 so I used regular soy sauce, so it turned out a little be salty, but overall, this is a very healthy dish! I like it as well! thank you so much! how come you know so much about cooking?! (I should give you a high five.. 嘻嘻嘻!)

日式醬油露 is called Soba Tsuyu in English. Soba, as you know, is Japanese noodles. Tsuyu is the dipping sauce to go with soba. What’s inside? there Japanese broth(dashi) and sweetened soysauce (kaeshi) in it. I suggest you buy at supermarket. There are so many Americans eating Japanese food. I’m sure you can find it without effort. I also put link on the word 日式醬油露 in < 材料> section, please have a look.
Why I know so much about cooking? I’ve been cheff almost 20years (please don’t start couting my age!!(* ̄∇ ̄*) So, I guess I should be at least good enough to share some of my cooking experience with others. Hope you find my blog usefull!! Thanks!! I got your High Five!! (^_^)Ψ←手

yqq 09-02-21 (Sat) 23:58

好想做!我现在住在德国 住在德国人家里 把胃吃坏了 唉! 我好想当厨师啊~ 您是去加拿大学厨艺的嘛?

MASA Reply:

Hi !
剛到加拿大時候 一邊學英文&生意管理
一邊在seafood restaurant餐廳工作!!

Healthy Diet Lets Woman Lose Thirty Pounds in Thirty Days 09-05-01 (Fri) 3:30

Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for sharing. I will certainly be coming back to your posts.

MASA Reply:

Hello there!!
It’s my pleasure!!

b 09-08-06 (Thu) 18:25


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